Besides Dynamics 365, I have experience with a number of different add-ons or otherwise related products for Dynamics 365. I can support you implementing or improving these add-ons or related processes. Feel free to contact me!

Dynamics Portals (previously Adxstudio Portals) is an add-on initially developed by Adxstudio. They were acquired by Microsoft at the end of 2016. Ever since, Microsoft has been developing Microsoft Dynamics Portals as an official Microsoft add-on for Dynamics 365. With this add-on, it’s very easy to setup and connect a portal-website, based on the Dynamics 365 platform. The portal uses Dynamics 365 as backend; for both data and content (CMS). Using Dynamics Portals, it’s possible to provide your customers with an easy-to-use portal where they can manage their own customer data, check their orders or invoices and request support by using support tickets.

In the past year, I’ve completed 3 Dynamics portals projects, obtaining relevant knowledge and experience to setup and implement a Dynamics Portal.

ClickDimensions is a marketing add-on for Dynamics 365. Currently, Dynamics does not offer very usable marketing possibilities. ClickDimensions offers this by extending the Dynamics 365 platform with great marketing features:

  • Email marketing with user-friendly editors and real-time statistics.
  • Website integration for visitor statistics and web-form integration.
  • Survey module for creating, maintaining and sending out Surveys.
  • Campaign Automation for (partially) automating marketing flows.
  • SMS text messaging (using a third party provider).

ClickDimensions is completely integrated into Dynamics 365; it can not function independently. ClickDimensions extends the Dynamics 365 datamodel and uses the available application possibilities to create an impressive marketing platform. Because of this, all marketing data that is collected, directly enriches the customer data in Dynamics 365, which can be used for targeting specific customer groups. When using a stand-alone marketing tool, you’ll always end up synchronizing this data with Dynamics 365 which can cause delays and/or other problems.

Ever since 2011 I have been working with ClickDimensions and became certified in 2013. I’ve been working on a lot of projects using ClickDimensions to implement and improve marketing processes.

Scribe is a data- migration and integration tool. It provides a user-friendly application to solve complex data-scenarios, without the need for complex development projects. They provide a great number of connectors, to connect and integrate an even greater number of applications and data sources. A few examples of typical data-scenarios that can be addressed using Scribe:

  • Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics CRM on premises to Dynamics 365 online.
  • Connecting (old) data sources (for example SQL databases) with Dynamics 365 to synchronize customer data.
  • Integrating back-offices systems for e.g. invoicing and ordering processes.

I have extensive experience using Scribe in a lot of different data scenarios.